We have been photographing weddings for many years. ( Dominique Martinez Lopez in Gibraltar ) In the days of film that required great skill. Top quality wedding photography was very much like top quality press and magazine photography. which is what I also do.

It had to be right, first time done with  speed and expertise, all the while being helpful and pleasant. This is not just a business, it really is something we care about. There were no second chances, nothing on the camera to check all was going well. It was and still is about being an expert, composing, getting the tecnical stuff all correct and following the wedding through its story and capturing the wonderful day as it happened.

Today many ' photographers '  using digital cameras. take vast numbers of pictures and spend days sorting through, cropping and altering in order to provide the bride and groom with a selection of half decent images. In short they are charging you for lack of expertise ! True expertise shows in so many ways and saves you money !

We take great pleasure in doing things properly and with care, for those who appreciate good things.

We are constantly on the lookout for those special moments, it requires anticipation and expertise.  Groups and portraits are organised at the best suited moments and locations throughout the day. Even the posed pictures are fun and it shows !

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Happy children at wedding

Kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown Photojournalist

Experience and knowledge. Better memories, better service, better photographs and for less cost.

We have photographed weddings in: London, Gibraltar, Costa del Sol, Portugal, Devon, Bristol, Bath, Pembrokeshire, Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, , St. Davids, Pembroke, Glasgow, Birmingham, Solihull, Sussex, Eastbourne, Brighton, Worthing and many other locartions. 

We check, plan and double check all locations in advance. Photographed rock stars weddings in secret and provided the finest photography to the worlds top newspapers, magazines and commercial companies for marketing and advertising.